At a glance, deep into the heart – is you.

Greenfield Lake Winter Tree - Heart of the Matter. Copyright Lori Harris Photography

Greenfield Lake Winter Tree – Heart of the Matter. Copyright Lori Harris Photography

“For the Love of Gardening”

Each year the Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc. presents local gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina. These gardens feature the best of Southern horticulture and landscape, as well as the sweetest hospitality of Antebellum Azalea Bells that greet and frame that exceptional southern garden tour experience.



This year the Azalea Garden Tour runs from April 11-13, 2014 and is an official event of the North Carolina Azalea Festival. Azalea Garden Tour tickets go on sale February 2014 online at: www.azaleagardentour.org

Lori Harris Photography

Azalea Belles Ribbon Cutting

You won’t want to miss out on all the glory and beauty of this annual garden tour. Don’t forget your to pack your best spring hat, garden party dress, comfortable shoes, seersucker suits for the gentlemen, and your favorite lens for some of the sweetest and most beautiful photography in the south.

Lori Harris Photography

Hot Pink Encore Azalea #loriharrisphotography

Careful – You may just fall “IN LOVE.”

Is it really winter? No wait – Summer in fall.

In the midst of natures crazy cyclical weather patterns I captured a beautiful splash of fall color at the World’s Largest Rotary Wheel.

Lori Harris Photography

Greenfield Lake Park is where the Rotary Wheel is located and is just spectacular in its fall display in December with temps in the 80’s.

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

I am going to just count my blessings for this amazing day and an opportunity to capture nature at its best!

Fairies In the Garden

The Dr. Heber W. Johnson Rotary Garden – Home of the World’s Largest Rotary Wheel, was host to the Lower Cape Fear Historical Society‘s Secret Garden Tour Ribbon Cutting. Painting the garden were precious, little fairies.

20130921-120549.jpgLori Harris Photography

Twirling, dancing, flittering, skipping and even a little pouting, they entertained the patrons with a sense of innocence, happiness and life.

20130921-120922.jpgLori Harris Photography

20130921-121002.jpgLori Harris Photography

The remainder of the day was caught in the beauty of “The Lesson of a Child” – to not take all of life so seriously, to dance, to flitter, to discover, to twirl…enjoy, foster and seek those things in life that make us smile and utilize our gifts to make this world a better place.

20130921-121336.jpgLori Harris Photography

You may say this is “Polly-an-ish,” no matter! Life is short, So why not be fairy-like and play!

Honor and Dignity

Sitting here reflecting on today…September 11th.

This date was a life changing date for me…for a nation, for families I do not even know, for business and economy, and for our world.

Lori Harris Photography

It makes me ponder on the question(s) of “why?” It makes me appreciate and grateful for the many blessings we have. It makes feel compassion for people who have lost loved ones in times of hostility, indifference and suffering.

I pray for peace, not just on this day alone, but this day enhances the level in which I pray for the good for/of all; that evil is eradicated and quality of life improves for humans. When we care there seems, no there is, to be a responsibility to ourselves, our own children, our family and friends, to our neighborhoods and community, to our country and our world…

Before I close my eyes to rest, I pray for dignity for all. Blessings my friends and never forget (anything that changes life for the better and reminds us to do no harm to no one and make decisions for the betterment of all).

Poly-anish it may seem, though absolutely achievable. For it is a choice to take, make and repeat!
Be blessed my friends.

Lori Harris Photography


When I see Graffitti I often wonder what the artist went through, if in fact they were finished or abruptly interrupted.

I wonder “why a train car?” Perhaps because train cars, and alley ways, are tucked away, but traveled.

Lori Harris Photography

Each artist, creatively through font, color and design, gives to us messaging, meaning and form -beauty is in the eye of the beholder – a definite.

Panoramic Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina
Cape Fear Riverfront
Historical Port City

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Lori Harris Photography

Wilmington was 1st explored by Giovanni da Verrazano and reported to French King Francis I in 1524. The City of Wilmington was founded in 1739. Rich in American history, politics and environment.

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

Bridge to Nowhere

Over time things evolve and change. Our usual dusk hike led us to nowhere. The bridge, and path, have been closed off to the world. The end of the bridge is now boarded up.

Lori Harris Photography

However, if you venture to the end, you will experience nothing but pure, natural beauty!

Lori Harris Photography

There is beauty in all things…even in what may seem a dead end.