Praying Mermaid

She was mesmerizing! Stopping to contemplate each and every carving…making me think about all there is to be grateful for-today!

Photo by Lori Harris Photography


The Great Heron III

The Heron is possibly one of a few of my favorite birds to photograph. They are trusting and calm, yet intuitive and quick to take action, always alert.

Photo and Design by Lori Harris

There is an essence of spirit and enlightenment observing them in their natural habitats.

Crested Mallard

While shopping at the local Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, I happen upon the lake’s habitants: the white crested mallard duck.

Lori Harris Photography

The tuft atop its head is stated to be from a mutant deformity. None-the-less, the crested duck is unique and beautiful.

Lori Harris Photography

This one is a mainstay and protector of its friends at Carolina Beach Lake. Each trip brings my encounter of whitey and friends, often seeking a drink of fresh water from the water faucet.

Lori Harris Photography

The Ugly Duckling -or not!

The most prominent symbols of a swan is that of beauty and balance. They are graceful and elegant in both water and air. They are monogamous in nature and protectors of their space and relations.

My connection is intuitive and spiritual with swans. I seem to be able to coexists with them in their space and am able to connect without threat of the chase or retrieval. Their movements are curious at first, then they begin to close in, closer as if to welcome me to their home. I sit and watch and photograph their water dances and listen to their conversations. I loose track of time…I am mesmerized and at peace.


Photo by: Lori Harris Photography

A true gift of harmony and beauty!