Princess of Spring 

Fuschia bright she leans to greet – that spring Azalea



Take me away Calgon!

The winter has been harsh in the Cape Fear region this year. We usually do not have more than two month of chilly weather. This winter we have had very cold for over four months.

This week we are seeing buds and blooms beginning to make their appearance into warmer days. Looking forward to more of the sun and warm breeze of Eastern NC.


Colors are bursting, shapes are forming, and creatures are stirring. Structures even begin to liven up as Spring arrives in the garden.

New Hanover Arboretum, Wilmington, NC







Magnificence of Spring and Summer

Southern Magnolia, evergreen, kingdom of Plantae and named after French botanist Pierre Magnolia. Having lived for millions of year it’s symbolic of magnificence and large, fragrant flower. Another significant fact of the Magnolia: fertilization occurs from beetles, not bees.

Lori Harris Photography

The flower and buds have been used in traditional Chinese medicine, known as hou po. The leaves are often used for wrapping food and in some parts of the world as a cooking dish. In Louisiana and Mississippi, the Magnolia is the official State flower and tree.

Lori Harris Photography

Living in the South, I resonate with this beautiful bloom mostly through its stardom in the movie “Steel Magnolias” and in numerous local images of the South. The sweet fragrance permeates the spring and summer air, giving confirmation of living in the South.

Lori Harris Photography

Because of its beauty and fragrance, the symbolism of its roots, trunk, leaves, shade and flora combine to create magnificence of life and its journey.