Treasures Untold

On the shoreline she offers her soul

Some may see her as broken

But there is one

Her beauty infuses into the depths of another

Claiming the energy of the natural spirit and the treasures untold 

The one


2014,  Lori Harris Phiotography 

My Version of Picasso

Some-time(s) everything comes together to just happen. That moment and realization of that is profound. “It” stops you and infuses a peace, a joy, recognition of a special place, time, and feeling. Often leaving you bewildered and curious, beyond measure or understanding. That inspiration and motivation that life is amazing and beautifully unique to me!

Lori Harris Photography

Sea Foam

Is it the breath of the ocean? The foam that remains painting the shoreline…filled with the remains, the breath…

Lori Harris Photography

According to derived from sources such as the offshore breakdown of algal blooms. These compounds can act as surfactants or foaming agents. As the seawater is churned by breaking waves in the surf zone adjacent to the shore, the presence of these surfactants under these turbulent conditions traps air, forming persistent bubbles that stick to each other through surface tension.

Lori Harris Photography

Mermaid Money On the Ground

How often do you walk along the beach, head tilted down, minding your own, searching and wondering – Will I find THE shell? In my adventures on the shorelines of North Carolina, or any beach for that matter, I am always and forever in search for that perfect shell.

Lori Harris Photography

Depending on the tides, weather and time of year, similar to plants, you will find varieties of shells, as well as various volumes of shells, along the water in North Carolina. One of my favorite blogs that categorize and list these varieties is:

Lori Harris Photography

There are days where the sand will showcase thousands and days where you may get lucky and find one or two to add to “the collection.” No matter, each and everyone becomes a treasure.

Lori Harris Photography

I believe shells offer insight into life. They are known for such symbolisms as: life, rebirth, regeneration, love, marriage; and for some religions it is a representation of an awakening from ignorance, prosperity, or infinity because of the spiral shape in most shells.

Lori Harris Photography

My favorite is “Mermaid Money” or better known as a Sand Dollar.

The Saltier the Better

According to science, the culture conditions and genetics are what determine the level of saltiness of an oyster (Crassosstrea Virginica). There are many who are repulsed by the appearance, texture and taste of of an oyster. However, there are those of us who savor the beauty of its unique shell, toothy and slimy texture, and the salty bliss and burst of flavor.

Lori Harris Photography

Oyster clusters thrive in shallow waters in and about the shorelines, inlets and marshes of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Their place in nature serves to preserve and cleanse the waters where they grow.

Lori Harris Photography

Those of us who are attracted to this cuisine often create traditions surrounding the gathering of friends and family or people at festivals with the sole purpose to celebrate the oyster. The cleaning and preparations are a full days effort resulting in steaming or cooking, shucking, garnering, and eating the delectable gems of nature.

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

There are many foods that nature gifts to us, but the oyster is SOUL food at its best!

Lori Harris Photography