She Sits in Waiting

It is in these moments of silence and stillness when it all becomes clear and purposeful .

Lori Harris Photography



I Stand For Peace

Have you ever been lucky enough to be the only person on a beach? The sound of the waves, the sound of the sand beneath your feet, the sound of a flock of Pelicans flying by. The ocean air, the infinite beauty, or the peaceful soul from standing within it all.


Kasserian Ingera?

“Kasserian ingera, my friends…

Lori Harris Photography

“Among the tribes of Africa, few have warriors traditionally more fearsome or more cunning than the Masai of Kenya. It is perhaps surprising, then, to learn the traditional greeting among Masai warriors. One warrior would always say to another, “Kasserian Ingera,” which, in Swahili, means, “Are the children well?”

Lori Harris Photography

It is still the traditional greeting among the Masai, acknowledging the high value of the Masai for the well-being of children. Even modern Masai with no children of their own always give the traditional answer, “Sapati Ingera” or “All the children are well,” meaning, of course, that peace and safety prevail – that the priorities of protecting the young and powerless are in place, that Masai society has not forgotten its reason for being and its responsibilities.

Lori Harris Photography

Imagine a community that places the well being of its children first and in the forefront of every idea, innovation, policy, strategy and implementation of economic development! Imagine the difference in the levels of societal ills, and everyday approaches to our jobs and life!

Lori Harris Photography

“All the children are well” means that life is good. It means that the daily struggles of existence do not preclude proper care for the young. It means dignity for all!

Photo by Kenna Rock


Ever wonder into a cemetery and feel complete utter peace?

Photo by Lori Harris Photography

Photo by Lori Harris Photography

In Wilmington, North Carolina, the Oakdale Cemetery offer this experience, as well as the Southport, North Carolina Smithville Cemetery. As you travel through the century old tombstones, you discover American History, Family Burials, creative talents in the beautiful tombstones, and an aura of warmth, happiness and peace.

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, North CarolinaPhoto by Lori Harris Photography

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, North Carolina
Photo by Lori Harris Photography

The beauty and energy of an arch angel that stands as tall as you on your own two feet is breathtaking. You will stand in awe and amazement of her defined molding and stature, and warmth from the synergy of the love committed to this space to honor and remember people who meant something to someone and hold a legacy to our community.

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, North Carolina.Photo by Lori Harris Photography

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, North Carolina.
Photo by Lori Harris Photography

There are many stones offering explanations or remembrance – words to comfort the living and offer a glance at the past. Regardless, I continue to stand in awe and amazement over the dedication to honor and respect the dead. Dead not being no spirit or energy, just physical passing with the soul and spirit continuing on to expand our universe and give back to this world we journey through. For without them, we would have the moments and gifts that carry us forward.

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, North Carolina.Photo by Lori Harris

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, North Carolina.
Photo by Lori Harris

Continuing the walk through stone and shrub, I look up to be taken back by a monument that offers strength and progressive thinking…the symbolisms are rich and moving, the architectures unique and ornate. The light, shadows and reflections ever changing as the sun sets and the air cools, ending my steps to celebrate and honor those before us.