Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center

Visiting the museum on the weekend of the Decoy Auction, 2013Oct, had a chance to capture a couple images, of thousands, that represent the history and culture of the area, the people and the culture of the Core Sound. (

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center

Lori Harris Photography


Lori Harris Photography

Waterfowl Decoys

Lori Harris Photography

From the balcony of the museum looking out to Cape Lookout

Lori Harris Photography

Jean Dale on display

Lori Harris Photography

Willow Pond

Lori Harris Photography

Core Sound side of Willow Pond walking Trail looking at Brown’s Island

Lori Harris Photography

As I am not the expert, so here is a link to a reputable website with cultural, arts and historical reference and details:

The Forgotten & Battered

Walking up to these old homes, you feel their presence and essence of purpose, long ago. Some preserved, others fallen and broken. All – unique and full of character.

Lori Harris Photography

They stand, often singular, with the elements reflecting their strength. Some still host storage to housewares and such of life gone by. Basic structures and architect of ruggedness and durability.

Lori Harris Photography

The experience takes you back in time where life and its necessities were minimal and possibly focused on life itself. Those that are still host to furniture or items beget thoughts of early life in such remote areas.

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Imagine and continue to explore the unknowns…life is full of possibilities and wonders!

Mermaid Money On the Ground

How often do you walk along the beach, head tilted down, minding your own, searching and wondering – Will I find THE shell? In my adventures on the shorelines of North Carolina, or any beach for that matter, I am always and forever in search for that perfect shell.

Lori Harris Photography

Depending on the tides, weather and time of year, similar to plants, you will find varieties of shells, as well as various volumes of shells, along the water in North Carolina. One of my favorite blogs that categorize and list these varieties is:

Lori Harris Photography

There are days where the sand will showcase thousands and days where you may get lucky and find one or two to add to “the collection.” No matter, each and everyone becomes a treasure.

Lori Harris Photography

I believe shells offer insight into life. They are known for such symbolisms as: life, rebirth, regeneration, love, marriage; and for some religions it is a representation of an awakening from ignorance, prosperity, or infinity because of the spiral shape in most shells.

Lori Harris Photography

My favorite is “Mermaid Money” or better known as a Sand Dollar.

Birds of Wood

Blue ribbon winner for composition.
“Birds of Wood”

Lori Harris Photography

Time and nature takes it toll on objects that root themselves along the shorelines. By chance to happen upon a piece of driftwood that showcases various species of birds that live in the region. The Sea Gull and Pelican both extend their profiles from the trunk of this cypress that once stood on the shoreline. Overtime she deteriorated and gave way to the forces of nature.

To have captured this moment, never to be copied, never to be seen in this composition again. She is mine, and I share her beauty with you.

Enjoy, embrace and allow.

Carolina Flare

Big Rock is a popular offshore fishing spot. It’s name embodies significance. One of the largest Gulf stream fishing tournament brands the name and is listed as one of the top President’s Fishing Tournaments in the United States. (

Locals from Morehead City, Beaufort, Harkers Island and other Outer Bank towns and cities, know this place as their hometown fishing hole. A day of fishing on the Gulf Stream could prove worthy of a marlin, tuna or other seasonal fish who navigate these waters.

Photo by Lori Harris Photography

Running the boat is performed by seasoned captains who know these waters better then they know their children’s names. Running these waters, especially in the early morning or dusk at sunset, is spectacular! The sun in all its grace and glory illuminates the earth and sky with vibrant pinks, blues and hazes of purples. Somewhat dreamy and surreal, you sit back and breathe the freshest air and embrace the peace and power of the ocean that only Big Rock can give, and that she does.