Grill or BBQ

To Grill, I mean BBQ, or not to grill, I mean BBQ? That is NOT the question… Which is it, really?

Lori Harris Photography

Is this only a debate of north/south or east/west? Or is it one of the biggest social science studies, next to pee-can and peh-cahn?

Irregardless of the genetics of cooking meat outside on an open fired rack, the food that comes off of this piece of cooking equipment is delicious!



When I see Graffitti I often wonder what the artist went through, if in fact they were finished or abruptly interrupted.

I wonder “why a train car?” Perhaps because train cars, and alley ways, are tucked away, but traveled.

Lori Harris Photography

Each artist, creatively through font, color and design, gives to us messaging, meaning and form -beauty is in the eye of the beholder – a definite.

Your Quest (Albert Schweitzer)

Your Quest
I AM CONVINCED that far more idealistic
aspiration exists than is ever evident.
Just as the rivers we see are much less
numerous than the underground streams,
so the idealism that is visible is minor
compared to what men and woman carry
in their hearts, unreleased or scarcely
released. Mankind is waiting and longing
for those who can accomplish the task of
untying what is knotted and bringing the
underground waters to the surface.
– Albert Schweitzer


Photo by: Lori Harris Photography