Soul Food

Ever find yourself lost in a melody, harmony or words from a song? Music can capture all your senses. It will take you away or lift your spirit. Music is food for the soul! (If you are open to it)

Lori Harris Photography

Even a bad song can capture you. When “that” song is played, whether live, radio, satellite, in your car, at home or office…music will change the environment with its energy. Just check out what music can do to a crystal (

Lori Harris Photography

This past weekend attended a Jamey Johnson Concert. The photo does not describe the energy that lifted the people in this venue to sing along to every word of every song! Lyrics to sound – reminiscence of happy and sad life experiences, meshed with friends and lovers enjoying the evening! (

I listen to everything musical! I love when a song moves me and its impact make me dance and sing along – or want to “play it again.”

What would the world be like without music?