Girls Adventure Club – Carolina Beach State Park, March 22, 2014

You never know when an idea becomes reality!


When ideas create positive energy, beautiful things happen.



It all began with and idea, a conversation, a date and time, lunch, a hike and wa-la, Girls Adventure Club has been birthed!



Carolina Beach State Park is along the Cape Fear River.



















Girls Adventure Club – places, people and fun, naturally!


Orange Play

The orange hue beyond the shadow of the memories of a battleship in its glory of days gone by. The USS North Carolina Battleship is safe at harbor docked and afloat in the Cape Fear River, directly across from historical downtown Wilmington. It’s aura has a commanding presence and offers locals and tourist a broad flavor of nautical and United States history.

Lori Harris Photography

Aboard this historical and floating museum, you learn of her World War II endeavors, the sailors and their dedication and service, and an operational functionality of a Navy ship. The decks and hull will amaze you! The armament aboard the ship ignite curiosities of what it was like for these seamen to fight for freedoms and live on the water. (

Lori Harris Photography

Across the river, current day, the Battleship’s neighbor is the United States Coast Guard Diligence. Wilmington’s downtown port is host to these honorable sea and freedom vessels. It truly is a sight and enjoyment for local and visitors. (

Lori Harris Photography

Wilmington’s historical waterfront, will leave impressionable images and memories. Giving you cravings to return time and time again. (

Ross’s Belfast Torpedo Bottles

While hiking low tide on the Cape Fear River, I happened upon a washed up and buried bottle. It’s embossed lettering caught my eye.


I knelt down and dug up the bottle to discover its true uniqueness – a rounded bottom.


Decided to keep my unique treasure. Returning home curiosity got the best of me and I began to research the bottle.

Ross’s Belfast “Hamilton,” “Bomb” or “Torpedo” bottle. Patent held by William F. Hamilton. They were made between 1809-1910 in England. Used for ginger ale and soda waters. The rounded bottom ensured the liquid stayed in contact with the wired cork so as not to evaporate or loose carbonation.

I have my own little piece of history. Blessed!

Source: Parrsborough Shore Historical Society

Your Quest (Albert Schweitzer)

Your Quest
I AM CONVINCED that far more idealistic
aspiration exists than is ever evident.
Just as the rivers we see are much less
numerous than the underground streams,
so the idealism that is visible is minor
compared to what men and woman carry
in their hearts, unreleased or scarcely
released. Mankind is waiting and longing
for those who can accomplish the task of
untying what is knotted and bringing the
underground waters to the surface.
– Albert Schweitzer


Photo by: Lori Harris Photography