Shackelford Trotters

Northeasterner’s know the area these wild horses roam as “Sea Banks,” “Outer Banks, or “Shackelford Banks.”

Lori Harris Photography

The “Banker Horses” are known to wonder, or free roam, the banks at leisure feeding on the marsh grass and resting along the shores of Shackelford. Known to be domesticated descendants of Spanish Mustangs, surviving possible shipwrecks of early world travelers.

Lori Harris Photography

I will never forget my first meeting with one: sitting in a beach chair, relaxing in the afternoon sun…I feel a blurb of breath on the back of my neck. I turn and right behind there she stood. She was full of gentle grace and youthful curiosity. Anyone who encountered this greeting would have been completely startled. I had the honor of meeting her face on and with absolute comfort, one with her beauty and strength…an understanding that the day was as good as it was going to get.

Lori Harris Photography

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