She Sits in Waiting

It is in these moments of silence and stillness when it all becomes clear and purposeful .

Lori Harris Photography



Buzzards, Vultures in the Marsh

Up high patiently waiting for clearance to swoop down and steal a bit of the roadside kill – a decaying kit fox next to the marsh bridge were two Turkey Buzzards, also known as Turkey Vulture.

Lori Harris Photography

My admiration is of the wing span size and essence of survival. Definitely not for their beauty, as they are grotesque and vicious looking.

Lori Harris Photography

The Great Heron III

The Heron is possibly one of a few of my favorite birds to photograph. They are trusting and calm, yet intuitive and quick to take action, always alert.

Photo and Design by Lori Harris

There is an essence of spirit and enlightenment observing them in their natural habitats.

Mother of the King

I often ride my bike up to the marina or beach with my camera in my basket – seeking to find and shoot the “photo of the day.” Depending on the time of day, I will often find the pelicans patiently awaiting the charter fisherman’s cuttings to be tossed or the commercial fisherman’s scraps from the catch of the day.

Lori Harris Photography

Where I live the Brown Pelican will perch upon the pilon for a better view or to rest their wings before heading to one of the barriers islands for their nights sleep.

Lori Harris Photography

The Brown Pelican lives in a colonies. Soaring through the skies in a v-formation, the Pelican will search the waters for fish. They will dive bomb to achieve the catch and store in their pouch. The most beautiful sight is to watch in awe a colony of Pelicans flight along the shoreline as they swoop up and down, teasing the waterline with their force.

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

The Pelican often invites me to seek to understand a deeper more powerful meaning to life.

The Ugly Duckling -or not!

The most prominent symbols of a swan is that of beauty and balance. They are graceful and elegant in both water and air. They are monogamous in nature and protectors of their space and relations.

My connection is intuitive and spiritual with swans. I seem to be able to coexists with them in their space and am able to connect without threat of the chase or retrieval. Their movements are curious at first, then they begin to close in, closer as if to welcome me to their home. I sit and watch and photograph their water dances and listen to their conversations. I loose track of time…I am mesmerized and at peace.


Photo by: Lori Harris Photography

A true gift of harmony and beauty!

Sea Eagle


Lori Harris Photography

I shot this image in Ketchikan, Alaska. Aboard the Aleutain Ballard, patiently awaiting to catch crab, I was startled by a swooshing noise coming straight towards me. I hear the mate call my name and advised me to turn my camera up. I do as instructed, and there it was – spectacular and energizing in all its figure and wind. I naturally began capturing this regal creature’s flight, right over my head, to its target – fish. It’s claws were sharp and targeted. It’s wings span wide and gliding, pushing my hair forward to cover my face as it flew over my head. Ten feet or less and I could have touch it’s feathers…I only wish! I was in pure sanctuary – heaven!

The Great Heron

The Great Heron
Lori Harris Photography


Strength, life longevity, purity, wisdom, creation, and a messenger of the gods. The Heron stand still in the marsh. Long black stick legs, steady and slow until the fish is targeted. One quick stab of the long orange beak awards this bird it’s nutrition. It’s nest are high in the trees. It’s flight graceful and smooth across the marsh. Aware and in tune, ready to act. I feel at peace each time I am honored and blessed with their presence.