Hogs, Trikes and Scramblers


Thunder down the road,

A breath of heaven, 



Papa’s Passion

Each day’s light continually captured the delicate elegance and purity of each orchid. Hundreds lining the interior benches of each greenhouse. The endless beauty and grace became the gifts he gave, freely to others who learned the art of growing this beauty. His passion became theirs, a legacy of such.

Papa's Passion I

Papa’s Passion I

Papa's Passion II

Papa’s Passion II

Papa's Passion III

Papa’s Passion III


The American Orchid Society is one of the Orchid resources that my Papa raved about: https://www.aos.org/default.aspx?id=1

Every Town Has One

That old landmark or marquee. You know the one – that one…without it everyone would not be able to say, I’ve been there! This one does that for Carolina Beach. It is one of the key signs along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk in the Central Business District that stand high and stands out.

Mine – she showed me her true colors the day I captured her!

Old Time Theater Marquee

Old Time Theater Marquee

To learn more about the town all all its happenings, visit: http://www.pleasureislandnc.org/carolina-beach-boardwalk/

My Version of Picasso

Some-time(s) everything comes together to just happen. That moment and realization of that is profound. “It” stops you and infuses a peace, a joy, recognition of a special place, time, and feeling. Often leaving you bewildered and curious, beyond measure or understanding. That inspiration and motivation that life is amazing and beautifully unique to me!

Lori Harris Photography

The Front Porch

Welcome to…
Is that not the purpose of a front porch? The opening and face of a structure. The presentation of what is yet to come. The best is when the smell of good cooking entices you to ‘come on in.’



Lori Harris Photography