National Zoo

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Birds and Cheetahs -Oh My!

The National Zoo – A spectacular place to share special moments with family, friends and self.

The animals, accustomed to the masses, really do engage. Their personalities abound, only if the time is spent to listen, observe and connect.

It is that moment, the connection, that ignites the soul!

On this day, I was privileged to connect, and much like Dr. Doolittle. They watched me watch them. They talked to me while I watched them. And they motioned and moved while I solely stood in amazement, wondering what they would’ve doing in their natural habitat.

I hold respect beyond words for living beings on this earth. I am blessed to have continual joy of the moments of connection, that ground my soul to God.







She Sits in Waiting

It is in these moments of silence and stillness when it all becomes clear and purposeful .

Lori Harris Photography


Best Dog Ever

Anastasia “Annie”

She connected to us. Her intuition was beyond our understanding. As a pup she knew. Her beautiful and nurturing soul blessed our lives.

Lori Harris Photography and Design

Her legacy and soul is threaded in our souls. Funny how a “dog” can be so purposeful and powerful in a family’s life. She was and still is.


Harker Island Marsh


Beautiful Summer March, Harkers Island, NC by Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Every moment changing with the tide, the marsh. Continuos discovery and visuals, the marsh.

Lori Harris Photography

A lane in the marsh. Photography by Lori Harris Photography


God’s country, the marsh. Home.


Sunset Harkers Island Marsh. LoriHarrisPhotography


Embracing nature is a gift. Be blessed!


Dragonflies are able to move in six directions, fly at more than 45 miles per hour, hover like a helicopter, fly backwards, straight up and down and side to side! It exudes a sense of power and poise – something that comes only with age and maturity (symbolism of the Dragonfly). The most common symbol for a dragonfly is change. Change, to make something different from what it is, to transform or convert -seems appropriate.

Lori Harris Photography

Alternative names for a dragonfly are: darning needle, snake feeder, mosquito hawk, skeeter hawk, ear sewer, and snake doctor. Bizarre names as they are, the dragonfly itself is harmless to humans. They prey on Mosquitos and other insects.

Lori Harris Photography

Mystical to me.

Tregembo Animals

Lions, tigers and bears -alright!

There is this little, small-town zoo: Tregembo Zoo – Wilmington, North Carolina.
( for over 50 years the Tregembo family has been zoo-ing it! This zoo is one of the best attractions in Wilmington. Where else can you go in Southeastern, North Carolina and feel like you had a chance to be like Dr Doolittle and travel the world to see exotic animals?

From peacocks:

Lori Harris Photography

To panthers:

Lori Harris Photography

And giraffes:

Lori Harris Photography


Lori Harris Photography


Lori Harris Photography

And so much more:

Lori Harris Photography

So travel the world in our small hometown and discover animals you have always wanted to see!

Buzzards, Vultures in the Marsh

Up high patiently waiting for clearance to swoop down and steal a bit of the roadside kill – a decaying kit fox next to the marsh bridge were two Turkey Buzzards, also known as Turkey Vulture.

Lori Harris Photography

My admiration is of the wing span size and essence of survival. Definitely not for their beauty, as they are grotesque and vicious looking.

Lori Harris Photography

The Great Heron III

The Heron is possibly one of a few of my favorite birds to photograph. They are trusting and calm, yet intuitive and quick to take action, always alert.

Photo and Design by Lori Harris

There is an essence of spirit and enlightenment observing them in their natural habitats.

K Avenue

K Avenue…a street rich in small beach town history. Host to the famous Freddie’s Restaurant (the best food, people, and that Barb’s Dressing!), Joe’s (a hole-in-the-wall bar), Jack Mackerel’s Restaurant, Big Daddy’s Restaurant and Tiki Bar, an arcade, and of course, Kure Beach Fishing Pier ( All that, yet, something even more unique…the BIRDS!

Lori Harris Photography

This sound freakish, but it is not. Whether you are just visiting, fishing, sunbathing, dining, or stopping off for a cool beer, the BIRDS are in abundance and soulful. You will find Pelicans, Egrets, Cranes, Seagulls, Finches, Bluebirds, Cardinals and many more…

Lori Harris Photography

Feeding them is a given, but they offer contemplation and a source of peace. They make you stop, ponder, wonder, and breathe.

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

All on K Venue in Kure Beach, North Carolina…

Lori Harris Photography

Crested Mallard

While shopping at the local Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, I happen upon the lake’s habitants: the white crested mallard duck.

Lori Harris Photography

The tuft atop its head is stated to be from a mutant deformity. None-the-less, the crested duck is unique and beautiful.

Lori Harris Photography

This one is a mainstay and protector of its friends at Carolina Beach Lake. Each trip brings my encounter of whitey and friends, often seeking a drink of fresh water from the water faucet.

Lori Harris Photography