Removing obstructions for ultimate clarity and enlightenment, mindfulness and reconnecting with purpose, naturally:

An excerpt from The New Mandala – Eastern Wisdom for Western Living by Rev. John Lundin with His Holiness the Dalia Lama, (2010), page 175-176

Stardust (approach) pointed out how mindfulness meditation simply teaches us how to live our lives mindfully, placing no value judgements on the daily occurrences of life, but learning to sort out their illusion from reality. “Observing the natural breath is the means for practicing right awareness. Our sufferings arise out of our ignorance. We react because we do not know what we are doing, because we do not know the reality of ourselves. The mind spends most of its time lost in fantasy and illusion, reliving pleasant or unpleasant experiences and anticipating the future with eagerness or fear. While lost in such cravings or aversions we are unaware of what is happening now, what we are doing now. Yet surely this moment, NOW, is the most important moment for us. We cannot live in the past; it is gone. Nor can we live in the future; it is forever beyond our grasp. We can only live in the PRESENT; and yet most of us are painfully unaware of the reality of the moment. If we can develop the ability to be aware of the reality of the present moment, we can use the past as a guide for ordering our actions in the future.”