“For the Love of Gardening”

Each year the Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc. presents local gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina. These gardens feature the best of Southern horticulture and landscape, as well as the sweetest hospitality of Antebellum Azalea Bells that greet and frame that exceptional southern garden tour experience.



This year the Azalea Garden Tour runs from April 11-13, 2014 and is an official event of the North Carolina Azalea Festival. Azalea Garden Tour tickets go on sale February 2014 online at: www.azaleagardentour.org

Lori Harris Photography

Azalea Belles Ribbon Cutting

You won’t want to miss out on all the glory and beauty of this annual garden tour. Don’t forget your to pack your best spring hat, garden party dress, comfortable shoes, seersucker suits for the gentlemen, and your favorite lens for some of the sweetest and most beautiful photography in the south.

Lori Harris Photography

Hot Pink Encore Azalea #loriharrisphotography

Careful – You may just fall “IN LOVE.”


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