World’s Largest Rotary Wheel Christmas Tree Lighting and Fun!

The Rotary Clubs of Wilmington Wheel and Garden Collaborative is proud to sponsor the City of Wilmington’s Christmas Tree Lighting at the Dr. Heber W. Johnson Rotary Garden, Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM. CLICK for full event details (Lighting, SANTA and Movie):





Camera patent granted to Apple reflects Steve Jobs’ promise to “reinvent iPhone photography”

I love this…as sometimes, as a photographer, you are moving at the speed of light…looking forward to using this technology!

Ed Zirkle, Editor, “We The People 2013” photo documentary stopped by my office today!  Check out: for updates on his 6-month project and journey around the United States. He has encountered and visually captured people at this time in history throughout America – in factories, on and in the field(s), at work, at home, in school, coming home from war, and so much more… PROFOUND!

Ed Zirkle, Editor, We The People 2013

Ed Zirkle, Editor, We The People 2013

I celebrate Ed Zirkle, my friend, for his passion and inspiration to capture our lifetime and the moments of the diversity of the people and the amazing free land of the United States of America! Bravo!!!!! I hope you enjoy his passion and posts! #EdZirkle #wethepeople2013