Going the Distance

Golf is one of those games that requires a complete “you” and focus, no matter the team pressure or expectation. Total reliance on practice and refinement of self- imposed physics into motion. Determination, expertise and practice – maybe even just plain commitment to discipline and repetition against circumstance…

Lori Harris Photography


Lori Harris Photography

The Great Heron III

The Heron is possibly one of a few of my favorite birds to photograph. They are trusting and calm, yet intuitive and quick to take action, always alert.

Photo and Design by Lori Harris

There is an essence of spirit and enlightenment observing them in their natural habitats.

Reflections of Art

Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews, Wilmington, North Carolina. Established 1888.

Photo and Design by Lori Harris Photography

This beautiful historical church is now one of Wilmington, North Carolina’s main entertainment venues. Highly recommended and full of amazing vibes and aura!

K Avenue

K Avenue…a street rich in small beach town history. Host to the famous Freddie’s Restaurant (the best food, people, and that Barb’s Dressing!), Joe’s (a hole-in-the-wall bar), Jack Mackerel’s Restaurant, Big Daddy’s Restaurant and Tiki Bar, an arcade, and of course, Kure Beach Fishing Pier (http://www.kurebeachfishingpier.com/). All that, yet, something even more unique…the BIRDS!

Lori Harris Photography

This sound freakish, but it is not. Whether you are just visiting, fishing, sunbathing, dining, or stopping off for a cool beer, the BIRDS are in abundance and soulful. You will find Pelicans, Egrets, Cranes, Seagulls, Finches, Bluebirds, Cardinals and many more…

Lori Harris Photography

Feeding them is a given, but they offer contemplation and a source of peace. They make you stop, ponder, wonder, and breathe.

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

Lori Harris Photography

All on K Venue in Kure Beach, North Carolina…

Lori Harris Photography