Carolina Flare

Big Rock is a popular offshore fishing spot. It’s name embodies significance. One of the largest Gulf stream fishing tournament brands the name and is listed as one of the top President’s Fishing Tournaments in the United States. (

Locals from Morehead City, Beaufort, Harkers Island and other Outer Bank towns and cities, know this place as their hometown fishing hole. A day of fishing on the Gulf Stream could prove worthy of a marlin, tuna or other seasonal fish who navigate these waters.

Photo by Lori Harris Photography

Running the boat is performed by seasoned captains who know these waters better then they know their children’s names. Running these waters, especially in the early morning or dusk at sunset, is spectacular! The sun in all its grace and glory illuminates the earth and sky with vibrant pinks, blues and hazes of purples. Somewhat dreamy and surreal, you sit back and breathe the freshest air and embrace the peace and power of the ocean that only Big Rock can give, and that she does.

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